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Should You Tip Your Acupuncturist?

Posted - 02/02/2012

Most people tip their hair dresser or waitress, but other tipping protocol is confusing. One important service is natural medicine. More people are choosing healthy, natural healing techniques such as acupuncture. Is it important to tip acupuncturists? When making the decision about tipping, it is important to consider a few factors. Tips are typically reserved for service personnel, such as waiters or beauty specialists. Some hobby acupuncturists work in venues that may seem similar to these other services, suggesting they should receive a tip. However, experts recommend that those interested in acupuncture services visit a professional clinic for their needs.

Those that have visited a professional acupuncture clinic recognize that this alternative form of medicine is no different from visiting a doctor or nurse. Since no one tips these health professionals, it is not appropriate to tip an acupuncturist. Although tips may be out, it is still appropriate to show appreciation for an effective acupuncturist. Many clients choose to send holiday cards to show their appreciation for these natural healers. Others send gift baskets or thank you cards to let their acupuncturist know how much they are valued. Appreciation does not need to be monetary, and acupuncturists enjoy this recognition.
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